Recession Tough on Women Lawyers

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On November 9, 2010, the Careerist published an articled discussing the The National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) survey that tracked women at the 200 largest firms.

The article reports:

First, the familiar bad news: NAWL finds that women constitute only 15 percent of equity partners (it’s been the same rate for the last five years) and are barely represented in the most influential committees at their law firms. What’s more, nearly half of the firms say that there’s not a single woman among their top ten rainmakers.

Now, the new bad news: Contrary to those optimists who say that the recession has had a positive effect on work/life balance issues, women did not fare well during the recession. In a nutshell, the changes in the profession and the economic downturn have not been kind to lawyers in general and women in particular. (The National Law Journal also reports that the number of women and minority lawyers declined during this past year, according to NALP.)

To access the full article, please select the following link: Recession Tough on Women Lawyers

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