Get involved – open positions

Becoming an active member of one of the below committees is one of the best ways to not only be an integral part of helping ALFDPflourish in the diversity and inclusion space, but it will allow you to make connections, build relationships and expand your network.

Currently, the below committees are seeking willing and active contributors:

Conference Committee:
Board Liaison: Courtney Dredden Carter
• Scout, select and secure location for ALFDP Annual Conference
• Develop innovative programmatic content for the ALFDP Annual Conference
• Handle onsite coordination of all conference elements and details

Governance Committee 
Board Liaison: Lia Dorsey
• Establish experience requirements and term limits for Board positions
• Revamp ALFDP committee structures as needed, and formulate key roles and  responsibilities
• Update and review ALFDP strategic plan

Social Media and Communications Committee 
Board Liaison: Kim Amrine
• Develop and manage ALFDP’s comprehensive communications strategy
• Generate content for the ALFDP blog and social media platforms, including LinkedIn
• Identify media and press opportunities, draft press releases and field queries from journalists
• Maintain and update the ALFDP website

Membership Committee  
Board Liaison: Kia Scipio
• Collect information from members related to outside experience (i.e. Board positions, certifications, memberships, and other relevant D&I      experience)
• Create an online library which contains data on preferred speakers, trainers and subject matter experts; industry benchmarking reports; surveys; and relevant articles
• Handle onboarding and integration process for all new ALFDP Members

Professional Development and Training Committee 
Board Liaison: Dennis Quinio
• Oversee ALFDP membership calls and webinars
• Organize and facilitate ALFDP regional meetings
• Implement and oversee virtual mentoring groups

Strategic Partnerships Committee  
Board Liaison: Michele Bendekovic
• Create alliances and partnerships with legal diversity organizations
• Develop new ideas for broadening and strengthening the ALFDP brand
• Pursue high-impact opportunities to support organizational priorities