As the legal profession continues to adapt its business practices to meet the challenges posed by the current unprecedented global health crisis, firms and companies must remain steadfast in their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Asian-American community specifically faces unique challenges of bias stemming from misinformation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Confronting these biases requires a strong and consistent commitment to inclusivity from the managing partners and top leaders in every organization. The Association of Law Firm Diversity Professionals (ALFDP) stands with other associations and calls on our federal, state and local leaders to denounce all forms of racism towards Asian-Americans. As always, but particularly in these uncertain times, we must make clear that there is never room for discrimination.

We are stronger when we stand united. To that end, ALFDP urges all legal organizations and firms to communicate with their teams and their clients the importance of prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion alongside other business priorities, especially as many are working remotely. Our ability to navigate these unique challenges as a nation, without alienating any minority groups, will lead to a stronger workforce and ultimately more inclusive society.